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Global Employee
Benefits & Wellbeing Specialists

We help multinational companies on their global growth journey. We do this by designing, launching, managing, optimising and growing Employee Benefits and Wellbeing Programmes globally. We’d love to help you achieve the growth you desire.

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We are Chime Global Benefits

We are a team of experts who excel at guiding clients through the challenges of managing benefits in rapidly scaling organisations. We choose to do things a little differently - no products, no buzzwords, no packages. Instead you'll find a partner that puts honesty, integrity and independence above all else. We will tell you what you need to know, without the spin or the jargon, and we'll give you all the support we can to help you have employees that love their benefits.

New Growth


From Transforming Existing Programmes, to Growth in New Markets; we have you covered

We are a full-service global benefits consultancy and brokerage, and we're with you for the full journey. Typically our journey with a client begins with a need to review existing global benefits arrangements, or to support rapid overseas growth. We partner with our clients far beyond, creating long-term sustainable benefits and wellbeing programmes.

Chime Global Benefits - Global Benefits Brokerage and Management
Chime Global Benefits - Scaling your Program in new Markets
Chime Global Benefits - Corporate Transaction Support
Chime Global Benefits - Insurance for Globally Mobile Workforces
Chime Global Benefits - Global Benefits & Wellbeing Strategy


Develop a Competitive and Scalable
Global Benefits & Wellbeing Strategy 

Benefits and wellbeing programmes are an integral part of your employer value proposition. Hence it's important to have a strategy in place to make it the best it can possibly be, and to ensure your benefits are doing what you want them to: attract, reward, protect and engage your people. 


We consider all of the elements of benefits management (design, funding, placement, administration, communication), and connect these to your people strategy and organisational agenda. This helps develop a rounded blueprint for managing benefits across your global footprint into the future.

Services include
  • Benchmarking

  • Strategy setting

  • Strategic governance

  • Procurement support


Access full benefits Brokerage and Management through a Single Point of Contact

As organisations expand globally they face the significant challenge of scaling up their internal People infrastructure, including the management of benefits and wellbeing services. 

We support organisations like yours by giving you access to a world of benefits solutions through a single point of contact, from the start and all through the journey.

This includes accessing regulated brokerage services via our trusted Chime network partners, and where appropriate accessing and implementing truly global or regional solutions such as employee assistance programmes (EAPs), multinational pooling, or pan-regional insurance solutions.

Services include
  • Brokerage 

  • Compliance & Governance support

  • Multinational pooling

  • Pan European insurance solutions

  • Source & manage global EAP

  • Wellbeing solutions



End-to-End Support for Entering New Markets

Launching your business in a new country is one of the most exciting and challenging things you can do. When it comes to your people, building the right benefits package that works in the local market, whilst staying true to your reward philosophy can be a real challenge, and it can make the difference between a happy team and lost opportunity.


The process is full of risk and complexity. From managing regulatory compliance, to ensuring market competitiveness, whilst handling numerous third party providers, getting it right can be tough.

We have helped clients establish benefits in over 60 markets, and regardless of the size of your local population we can guide you on the best route to take.

Services include
  • End-to-end set up of employee benefits in new markets

New Markets


Corporate Transaction Support

If you are supporting a corporate transaction (e.g. a merger, acquisition, or divestiture), you can call on our expertise. 

Benefits are an important and emotional subject for employees, and a critical subject for the Finance, People, Technology and Legal functions. 

We can support you from pre-deal advice, including due diligence management, through to benefits separation, replication and harmonisation, and the establishment of benefits strategies and frameworks for the newly created business.

Services include
  • Consultancy

  • Project management 



We're with you for the whole journey

Chime Global Benefits - Methodology

Strategy & Plan

We always start with your goals, your ambitions and your ideas. Adding our own expertise, and our knowledge of what's possible, we help you to create a plan for your benefits and wellbeing that is achievable and meets your goals.

Chime Global Benefits - Methodology

Design & Launch

In collaboration with our on-the-ground local experts, we design and implement local benefits programmes that function well in the local market whilst staying true to your global strategy and design principles.

Chime Global Benefits - Methodology

Run & Maintain

Maintaining benefits is just as important as implementing them. We support your ongoing needs with single point-of-contact brokerage and consultancy, and through robust strategic governance.

Chime Global Benefits - Methodology

Optimise & Grow

As your business evolves, so should your benefits. Challenges around attraction and retention may require benefits-related support. Financial efficiency with benefits may become more critical over time. Chime is here to help guide your jouney.


Insurance for Globally Mobile Workforces

When you ask an employee (and possibly their family) to move overseas to help you grow the business, their whole world can change. In between the excitement and pressure it's crucial to ensure you have the right protections in place for your globally mobile employees - for their health, their mental wellbeing, their safety, and the financial wellbeing of your business. 

It's not just expatriates on assignment. Your regular travellers can face the same pressures, and need similar protections. Many employees would not know where to turn in the case of an emergency overseas, and you may not know how to respond if they called you for help. Access to healthcare and emergency support for employees away from home can save lives. And in this time of global pandemic, having knowledge about exactly what your employees are protected against is crucial to ensuring their safety and wellbeing.

As expert consultants and regulated insurance brokers, Chime can partner with you to assess where you can build in support for your globally mobile workforce that will enhance their experience, improve the chances of a successful assignment or trip, and mitigate your risks as a business.

Services include
  • International Private Medical Insurance

  • International Group Life and Disability Insurance

  • Travel and Personal Accident Insurance

Mobile Workforce

We support many organisations along their Global Growth Journey

We help you....

Chime Global Benefits - Outcomes

Access quality local experts globally, through a single point of contact

Chime Global Benefits - Outcomes

Get deep insight into best practices at both global and local levels

Chime Global Benefits - Outcomes

Streamline management of benefits, saving People Functions time & money

So you can...

Chime Global Benefits - Outcomes

Stay competitive & relevant

Chime Global Benefits - Outcomes

Improve talent retention

Chime Global Benefits - Outcomes

Attract the best people



Stay up to date on the latest trends



What makes us tick?

Chime Global Benefits - Experience
  • ​Our team has real-world, in-house experience at blue chip global firms

  • We are with you for the entire journey, ensuring solutions are successfully implementable

Chime Global Benefits - Tailored Solutions

Tailor solutions to meet your unique needs

  • We match our solution to your business, not our own business model

  • We provide truly independent and rigorous advice

Chime Global Benefits - Partnerships

Leverage our partnerships
with global providers

  • We invest significant time with existing and new providers to give you better advice

  • We leverage our long-term trusted relationships with regulated advisors in each country to help you grow and sustain your program

Use relevant, real-world experience to guide our advice


Let’s Work Together. 

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